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Add white-label customer-facing integration with Dropbox into your app with just a few lines of code.

Managed authentication

Connect your customer accounts in Dropbox without researching its API, registering in a developer program, and getting your application approved. We take care of authentication, secure credentials storage, and token refreshes so you don't have to.

Just one line of code for you and one click for your customers:


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Execute Dropbox operations on behalf of your customers

Get information about available operations in a consistent way: name, description, input, output. Run operations using simple consistent API.

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Auth - Token - From Oauth1

Creates an OAuth 2.0 access token from the supplied OAuth 1.0 access token.

Auth - Token - Revoke

Disables the access token used to authenticate the call.

File Properties - Properties - Add

Add property groups to a Dropbox file. See :route:templates/add_for_user or :route:templates/add_for_team to create new templates.

File Properties - Properties - Overwrite

Overwrite property groups associated with a file. This endpoint should be used instead of :route:properties/update when property groups are being updated via a "snapshot" instead of via a "delta". In other words, this endpoint will delete all omitted fields from a property group, whereas :route:properties/update will only delete fields that are explicitly marked for deletion...

File Properties - Properties - Remove

Permanently removes the specified property group from the file. To remove specific property field key value pairs, see :route:properties/update. To update a template, see :route:templates/update_for_user or :route:templates/update_for_team...

File Properties - Properties - Search

Search across property templates for particular property field values.

Work with Dropbox data collections

Read and write data, get custom fields schema, and react to changes in Dropbox data.

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ListFind by IDSearchCreateUpdateDelete

Trigger integrations on Dropbox events

React to events in the external app. Receive changes in data regardless of whether webhooks are supported or not.

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Data Record Created

Data Record Updated

Data Record Deleted