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LogoMS Dynamics CRM Integration Development Guide

Add white-label customer-facing integration with MS Dynamics CRM into your app with just a few lines of code.

To create a development account and OAuth application in Microsoft Dynamics 365, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a Microsoft Developer Program:

    • Request access to the MS developer program and get a dev account here
  2. Create an OAuth Application:

    • Follow the steps outlined in this guide to create an application registration and get an Application (client) ID
    • Make sure the Redirect URI is set to
    • Generate a client secret and save it for later use:
      • Go to the Certificates & secrets section
      • Select New client secret
  3. Use the OAuth Application:

    • To use the OAuth application, you'll need to follow the OAuth authorization flow, which involves redirecting users to the Microsoft authorization endpoint and obtaining an access token
    • Refer to the Microsoft API documentation for detailed instructions on implementing the OAuth flow and making API requests

Remember to keep your Client Secret secure and never expose it publicly.

That's it! You have successfully created a developer account and OAuth application in Microsoft.