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LogoGusto Integration Development Guide

Add white-label customer-facing integration with Gusto into your app with just a few lines of code.

How to set up Gusto application and get your Client ID and Client Secret

In case you'd rather follow the official Gusto documentation, you can find it here.

Create Gusto developer account

  • Go to the Create a developer account page.
  • Select "No" for 'Are you building embedded payroll?'.
  • Fill the form and click "Create account".
  • Log in to your account and setup Authenicator.

Create Organization

  • Select "I am creating a developer organization".
  • Fill the form below.
  • Click "Create".

Generate Credentials

  • Go to the Applications page.
  • Click "Create application".
  • Fill the form, add as Redirect URI.
  • Once the app is created you can click on it and find your Client ID and Secret there.

Configure the app parameters in the platform

  • Add the Gusto app from store in the console
  • Click Configure & Test
  • In the Parameters section, select a Use custom parameters toggle / Edit Parameters
  • Put the the Client ID into Client Id and Secret into the Client Secret