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Add white-label customer-facing integration with Google Sheets into your app with just a few lines of code.
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Managed authentication

Connect your customer accounts in Google Sheets without researching its API, registering in a developer program, and getting your application approved. We take care of authentication, secure credentials storage, and token refreshes so you don't have to.

Just one line of code for you and one click for your customers:


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Execute Google Sheets operations on behalf of your customers

Get information about available operations in a consistent way: name, description, input, output. Run operations using simple consistent API.

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Sheets Spreadsheets Batch Update

Applies one or more updates to the spreadsheet. Each request is validated before being applied. If any request is not valid then the entire request will fail and nothing will be applied. Some requests have replies to give you some information about how they are applied...

Sheets Spreadsheets Create

Creates a spreadsheet, returning the newly created spreadsheet.

Sheets Spreadsheets Developer Metadata Get

Returns the developer metadata with the specified ID. The caller must specify the spreadsheet ID and the developer metadata's unique metadataId.

Sheets Spreadsheets Developer Metadata Search

Returns all developer metadata matching the specified DataFilter. If the provided DataFilter represents a DeveloperMetadataLookup object, this will return all DeveloperMetadata entries selected by it. If the DataFilter represents a location in a spreadsheet, this will return all developer metadata associated with locations intersecting that region...

Sheets Spreadsheets Get By Data Filter

Returns the spreadsheet at the given ID. The caller must specify the spreadsheet ID. This method differs from GetSpreadsheet in that it allows selecting which subsets of spreadsheet data to return by specifying a dataFilters parameter...

Sheets Spreadsheets Get

Returns the spreadsheet at the given ID. The caller must specify the spreadsheet ID. By default, data within grids is not returned. You can include grid data in one of 2 ways: * Specify a field mask listing your desired fields using the fields URL parameter in HTTP * Set the includeGridData URL parameter to true...

Work with Google Sheets data collections

Read and write data, get custom fields schema, and react to changes in Google Sheets data.

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Spreadsheet Tabsβœ…βž–βœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…βž–

Trigger integrations on Google Sheets events

React to events in the external app. Receive changes in data regardless of whether webhooks are supported or not.

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Data Record Created

Data Record Updated

Data Record Deleted