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LogoShopify Integration Development Guide

Add white-label customer-facing integration with Shopify into your app with just a few lines of code.

How to create and set up your Shopify app

Create a Partner account

  • Head to the partners page and click Join Now
  • Once you've got access to the partner account, log into the Shopify Partners, go to Apps -> Create App, pick the option "Create app manually" and choose a name for it

Set up your app

There a many things that you may want to configure in the app builder, however the most important for us should be the following:

  • Copy and save somewhere safe the Client Id and Client secret that were automatically generated on the app creation
  • Choose the scopes that your app would need to be fully functional. For instance, here's the list of scopes that our shopify-connector requests by default:
    • read_customers
    • read_draft_orders
    • read_inventory
    • read_metaobjects
    • read_orders
    • read_products
    • read_shopify_payments_payouts
    • read_users
    • write_customers
    • write_draft_orders
    • write_metaobjects
    • write_orders
    • write_products
  • Add url to the list of Allowed redirection URL(s) in the Configuration/URLs section

Connect your shopify app to the shopify-connector

Once you've added the Shopify connector from store in the console click Configure & Test -> Edit Parameters and provide the Client Id and Client secret you saved earlier. Now, you're ready to create a test connection with Shopify!