How it Works


Define the Data Interfaces and Flows

Leverage both universal and application-specific components to define how your app should interact with all other tools your customers use. Feel free to mix and match these components to craft the exact integrations your customers need.


Automatically Generate Integrations will intelligently map APIs and UIs across multiple applications to app-specific data models and API calls. We handle all the commonalities and discrepancies, enabling you to interact with multiple apps in a consistent manner.

Once automation is complete, you have the freedom to tailor the logic for each individual app.


Connect Your Customer Accounts

Link your customer accounts in external apps and employ our API or SDK to infuse integration logic into your application. You can either use our ready-made connection UI or incorporate our SDK into your existing integrations catalog.

Drop-in connection UI

Your Existing Integrations Catalog


Empower Users to Customize Integrations

Your users desire integrations that cater to their unique application setup. Our platform offers your users the utmost flexibility in configuring their integration use cases.

Utilize our Pre-built Customization UI

We offer a pre-built UI for customizing data sources, field mappings, flows, and every other aspect of the integration logic.

Build Your Own with our SDK and API

Our REST API and Javascript SDK empower you to construct a fully white-label UI that aligns perfectly with your and your customers' needs. You can blend it with the pre-built UI to swiftly achieve your product objectives.