Automate building your customer-facing integrations

Integrating your app with everything else your customers use has never been this simple.

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Connect with a growing number of apps

We constantly add new connectors and they automatically become your fully-developed integrations.

Define an integration template once and apply it to every app automatically

Our AI-powered platform translates your integration logic into specific data models and API calls for every relevant app.

Connect any app in one line of code

Use our React, Vue, or pure Javascript SDK to connect any external app from inside your UI.

Alternatively, you can create a fully white-label connection UI using our API.

Create any integration scenario using our building blocks

Data Sources

Let you navigate, read, and write data

Data Events

Launch integrations on external app changes

Field Mappings

Translate fields from your app to external app and back

Object Links

Relate objects in your app and external app

Data Schemas

Let you deal with custom fields for each user.


To run integrations when something happens in your app.


Organize building blocks into integration scenarios.

We take care of all the hard parts

  • Different Authentication mechanisms
  • Rate limits
  • Various data formats and structures
  • Error handling

You can still use external APIs directly for edge cases

When you want to do something unique to one of the external apps, you can use Connections created through to make requests to the underlying APIs.

Build integration UX your users love

User interface is the hardest part of building native integrations. We make it simple.

Start withone-click integration

Simply display the “Connect” button in your UI - we take care of the rest.

Use pre-built UI components or create your own

Make your own tradeoff between fast development and customization - from a single line of code to fully custom UI.

Enable or disable integration scenarios

Let your users customize what they want integrations to do.

Field and value mappings

Everyone's setup is different - let your users map data between your app and external apps.

Object Links

Let users configure relations between objects in your app and an external app.

Data Locations

Your users can decide where to import data from or export data to.

World-class Developer Experience

Our platform is created by developers for developers. We let you build, test, and troubleshoot integrations as a part of your application.

Integration Logic as YAML

Everything you build with is just plain-text configuration and code. There are no black boxes.

It's the opposite of a black box

  • Everything you can do, you can do via an API
  • All the configuration is available as plain JSON-like data
  • You can inject your custom code every step of the way
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Comprehensive monitoring and troubleshooting toolbox for integrations

Troubleshooting often takes more time than building. We help you by providing unprecedented transparency into the inner workings of your integrations.

Verified state-of-the-art security

We are ready to take care of your customer data - or let you handle it on your own infrastructure.

Secure user credentials management

SOC-2 certified GDPR compliant

Run on your infrastructure