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Save months of engineering time by building native integrations 10x faster

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Connect your app with dozens of others in a consistent way

Your customers use hundreds of different apps and this number grows every day. Integrating with them one by one is not feasible anymore. We standardize the way you interact with third-party apps.

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One unified integration instead of dozens

Describe you integration scenarios once and they will be automatically applied to all the compatible applications. We handle all the differences in APIs and data structures.

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Construct thousands of integration scenarios

Unified building blocks work in the same way across all connected applications. Mixing and matching them together lets you build any integration scenario you need. Here are just a few examples:

Embed integrations right into your app

Your users never have to leave your app to setup integrations. You have full control over their experience. Use our pre-built UI components or build your own using our API.

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Let your users customize integrations

Everyone's setup is different. Our well-designed and powerful UI components allow your users configure integrations in their unique way: set up filters, map fields and values, configure lookups, etc.

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Focus on developer experience

Developers are our primary users. We architect and build our platform with your needs and interests in mind.

Integrations are YAML

Everything you build with integration.app is just plain-text configuration and code. There are no black boxes.

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Everything you can do in our platform is available via REST API. Our SDKs let you develop with the speed of thought.

Monitoring and troubleshooting

You have full visibility into what is happening with your integrations and can troubleshoot problems quickly.

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