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Our AI-powered framework
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Powers integrations inside the best apps on the market

Events Management

How Airmeet imports and exports event participants

Airmeet is a virtual event platform that allows users to easily import and export event participants...

AI Sales

How Glyphic integrated with all popular CRMs at once

Glyphic is an emerging leader in AI-driven Sales space. Learn how it integrated with its customers's sales stack.

AI Video

Potion integrates with 20 SaaS apps in a blink

Potion is an AI video personalisation tool. See how they combined custom and our drop-in integration UI to let their users enjoy more connectivity...

Connect your customer accounts without jumping through hoops

No need to register in developer programs, talk to support, go through verification, submit dozens of forms. Simply select apps to integrate with.

Composable framework that doesn't stand in your way

Assemble your perfect integration out of thoroughly engineered building blocks. Don't re-invent the wheel. Focus on what is unique to your app.

Data Sources

Read, write, and search data in external apps.

Data Events

Know when data changes in external apps.

Field Mappings

Apply user-defined data transformations.

Object Links

Keep track of matching data objects.

Custom Fields

Deal with customer-specific application setups.


See when things break and why.

API Logs

See what exactly happens inside your integratios.

Universal Models

Work with data in a consistent way.

Data Schemas

Use custom data structures in integrations.

App Events

Trigger integrations on events in your app.


Multi-step integrations with branching and loops.

And more...

This most extensive integration API on the market.

Build integration once.
Apply it to every app automatically

Don’t waste time re-implementing the same logic for every application. Let AI do it for you.

Universal flows implement complex multi-step integration scenarios across dozens of apps. You or your customers can customize the logic for a specific application. Learn more >

Universal Data Sources let you read, write, and subscribe to changes of similar data in dozens of apps at once. You or your customers can customize where each data source points to in a specific application. Learn more >

Universal Field Mappings let you transform fields beetween your app and dozens of other apps without researching each individual data scheama. Learn more >

Integrate with unfamiliar apps without weeks of research

Our Al maps each application to the same simple structure: operations, data collections, field schemas. Understand every app at a glance and make product decisions 10x faster.

It's a part of your application

Integrations should work seamlessly with the rest of your product and infrastructure.

Store integration logic as YAML alongside your product code

Edit, test, and version control your integrations like you would any other part of your application.

Let your users interact with integrations anywhere in your app

Trigger integrations from anywhere in your UI and inject data from external applications seamlessly.

Connect to your existing infrastructure

Integrations should use the same logging, monitoring, notifications, and other parts of your infrastructure.

Self-service UI your customer love

User interface is the hardest part of building native integrations. We make it simple.

Start withone-click integration

Simply display the “Connect” button in your UI - we take care of the rest.

Use pre-built UI components or create your own

Make your own tradeoff between fast development and customization - from a single line of code to fully custom UI.

Field and value mappings

Everyone's setup is different - let your users map data between your app and external apps.

Self-service monitoring and troubleshooting

When something goes wrong with an integration, give your customers a way to fix it without reaching out to support.

Enable or disable integration scenarios

Let your users customize what they want integrations to do.

Data Collections

Your users can decide where to import data from or export data to.

Customize everything

No integration platform will have all the features you need. We make it easy to inject custom logic anywhere.

Run custom code

When building blocks provided by us are not enough, run custom code or make API calls to your app and. Use the results seamlessly with the rest of our building blocks.

Customer-specific fields

Let your users define custom fields in your app or external apps. They can be used in integrations just like standard fields.

Make direct API calls to external applications in edge cases

When you want to do something unique to one of the external apps, you can use connections created through to make requests to the underlying APIs.

State of the art monitoring and troubleshooting toolbox for integrations

Maintaining integrations takes more time than building. We help you by providing unprecedented transparency into the inner workings of your integrations.

Pricing aligned with your business model

Predictable pricing based on the number of your paying customers. Unlimited integrations, API calls, data records.

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Run securily in the cloud or on your infrastructure

Certified world-class security

We are SOC-2 Type 2 certified, GDPR-compliant, and can address any of your or your customer's security concerns.

SOC-2 certified GDPR compliant

On-premise Deployment

You can run our engine using Docker on your own infrastructure.

Backed by experts in AI and SaaS automation