Turn any app API into a connector using LLMs

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Build a native integration with any app & add it inside of your product

  • Many integration platforms offer pre-built connectors to popular SaaS apps, but what if you need a niche or vertical-specific integration that is custom to your infrastructure?

  • Using Connector Builder, your developer team can craft any customer-facing integration in just a few hours.

  • All you need to is get access to the specific API docs & start injecting it into our system.


Breakthrough feature-set

Connect to any third-party app on behalf of your customer

We leverage Al and our unique integration framework to help you integrate with any app that has an API.

Human-readable API Documentation
API Documentation
API Documentation
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Machine-readable API Specification
API Specification

Automatically extract operations, data collections, fields schemas, and other entities from an API using LLM-powered features

Map each individual application API to a standard set of entities your application can work with in a consistent way.


Map application-specific entities to Universal Models

Universal models let you integrate with multiple similar applications at once. Our connector builder helps you map application-specific entities to universal ones.


Test connectors manually or automatically

Our comprehensive testing framework makes sure you don't have mismatched fields or incorrect API requests. Your connectors work from the first version and keep working.


Extend existing connectors

Don't start from scratch. Many applications already have connector built. You can simply add functionality that is missing for you.