Build your own Unified API and much more.


First-generation static Unified API

Real-time Data maps requests and responses in real-time. You always work with fresh data and real-time events.

Real-time Data

Data Snapshots

Merge makes a copy of your customer data in their database once a few hours and lets you query it. Your integration data is always outdated.

Data Snapshots

Any Integrations

Any Integrations

You can integrate with any app using Apps can be fully unstructured like Airtable, Notion, file storages or databases.

Unifiable integrations only

Unifiable integrations

With Merge you can only integrate with apps that have standard data models. This means no Google Sheets, Airtable, Notion, or databases.

Editable and custom connectors

Hundreds of pre-built connectors provided by is just the starting point. You can edit any part of any connector and build your own with our powerful Connector Builder tool.

Static Connectors offers a pre-built set of connectors. You cannot edit them. You cannot add your own. If Merge-provided connectors don't cover 100% of your use cases, you are stuck.

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Editable and Custom Data Models

We offer unified data models as a starting point, but then you can change how they work for each individual application or even individual customer with field mappings, data sources, and metadata.

Editable and Custom Data Models

Static Data Models

When you need a data model Merge does not provide or even if you need to change something in the data model they provide, you can't do it.

Static Data Models

Pre-built or fully custom UI

We offer a library of pre-built UI components and headless API that lets you build fully custom UI without using any of our HTML or styles.

Pre-built or fully custom UI

Pre-built Ul only

You have to use Merge Link UI even if it doesn't work for your application. There is no way around it.

Pre-built Ul only

Detailed Feature Comparison

Non-developer Support

Low-Code/No-Code Support

Drag-and-drop workflow builder or YAML editor
Merge.devDrag-and-drop workflow builder

Developer Support

Rest API

API-first: full access to all functionality
Merge.devLimited to recipes, connections, and joins

On-premise option

(run on your own infrastructure)

End-user Ul

Iframe with custom styles, React Components, or fully custom UI
Merge.devIframe, Workato-branded


Connector Library

Custom Connectors

Fully Supported (full-access to any API operations, trigger, custom fields)
Merge.devPartially Supported (oAuth, actions)

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