API-first engine.
Universal Integrations.



UI-first workflow builder.
One integration at a time.

Universal Integrations

Build integration scenario once and automatically apply it to all the relevant apps. Do not repeat yourself and keep your integrations manageable.

Universal Integrations

Single-app Integrations

Build each scenario for every application one by one. Not sustainable if you want to build more than a few integrations.

Single-app Integrations

Pre-built or fully custom end-user Ul

We offer a library of pre-built UI components and headless API that lets you build fully custom UI without using any of our HTML or styles.

Pre-built or fully custom end-user Ul

Pre-built Ul only

Paragon offers a pre-built UI you can embed as an iframe. You can tune it a bit, but not enough.

Pre-built Ul only

API-first development. Ul on top of it

Everything you can do with our engine you can do via API. Just check our API reference.

API-first development

UI-first development. Limited API

You have to build and configure integrations via Ul. There is no API access to integration blueprints or customer configurations.

UI-first development

No Vendor Lock

Connectors, integrations, user configurations, and credentials are fully available and exportable. You fully own your integrations, in case you decide to switch.


Full vendor lock

There is no way to export integrations you've built from Paragon. If you decide to switch, you will have to re-implement all of your integrations.

Detailed Feature Comparison

Non-developer Support

Low-Code/No-Code Support

Drag-and-drop workflow builder or YAML editor
ParagonDrag-and-drop workflow builder

Developer Support

Rest API

API-first: full access to all functionality
ParagonLimited to connections, users, and task history

On-premise option

(run on your own infrastructure)


End-user Ul

Iframe with custom styles, React Components, or fully custom UI
ParagonIframe with custom styles


Connector Library


Custom Connectors

Fully Supported (full-access to any API operations, trigger, custom fields)
ParagonPartially Supported (Auth + pass-through API only)

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