Build UX your customers love

User interface is the hardest part of building native integrations. We make it simple.

  • Start with

  • Connect

  • one-click integration

Simply display the “Connect” button in your UI - we take care of the rest.

Use pre-built UI components or create your own

Make your own tradeoff between fast development and customization - from a single line of code to fully custom UI.

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    Field and value mappings

    Everyone's setup is different - let your users map data between your app and external apps.

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    Enable or disable integration scenarios

    Let your users customize which integrations they want to run.

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    Self-service monitoring and troubleshooting

    When something goes wrong with an integration, give your customers a way to fix it without reaching out to support.

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    Object Links

    Let users configure relations between objects in your app and an external app.

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    Data Locations

    Your users can decide where to import data from or export data to.