Software apps still work in isolation.
We enable them to communicate & collaborate seamlessly

For years, this deep connecting tissue between SaaS apps has been missing.

We are building it now.

Our mission

  • We strongly believe that in 10 years software companies will run on thousands of specialized apps, all working together.

  • It's becoming increasingly necessary for products to speak easily between each other. Think about the B2C apps you use on your phone, they can exchange data easily with a few taps, a few seconds.

  • When it comes to B2B apps, it's a different, messy story. Adding a new SaaS to a company software stack is often a multi-week or a multi-month project.

  • To integrate your app with another, you need a human to read and understand a new API from the documentation, write code and start integrating it in to their own app. Many times, it's a repetitive and very unpleasant process. It shouldn't be the case.

  • We want to become this connective tissue between SaaS apps and create a network that is widely accessible to everyone to use and build on top of.

  • The recent advances in Al with LLMs are the key catalyst for making this happen and aims to be the key centre-piece in this story.

Integration App

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