How we are different

It is difficult to navigate in the noise of “integration” products. This page summarizes our unique focus and approach.

Our Focus

We help product teams add native integrations to their B2B SaaS applications. We save more time while solving this problem end-to-end than anyone else.

🤖AI integrations

Applying AI to automatically generate integrations between your app and dozens of other apps your customers use.

↗️Platform extension

Letting you extend our platform with new connectors so you are never limited by what we’ve built.

🧑‍💻World-class developer experience

Providing world-class developer experience. We have API and SDK for everything. There is not a single feature in our platform you cannot access programmatically.

🖥️Pre-build Integration UI

Offering pre-build Integration UI so you could save months of time on building your own. You can still build a fully custom UI using our API, of course.