How are we different

We bring speed of iPaaS and scalability of Unified APIs to in-house development, making your integration team into superheroes.

There was no good way to build customer-facing integrations.
Until now.

  • Custom development is

    slow and tedious

    It takes weeks to build a high-quality native integration. And then you have to repeat it dozens of times.

  • iPaaS are shallow and lead to poor

    customer experience

    Sending customers to a third-party platform or embedding foreign iframes into your app just does not cut it for the modern user.

  • Unified APls are just not

    flexible enough

    Implementing basic use cases quickly, but facing challenges with non-standard needs, often requiring a complete restart

Imagine: world-class in-house integration framework, without years of engineering.

You can have development speed of iPaaS, scalability of Unified APIs, and flexibility of custom engineering. All in one framework, seamlessly working together.

More scalable than iPaaS

You have all the nice features iPaaS have: quick integration workflow building, running and troubleshooting, but you don't have to build every integration from scratch.

Our unique architecture and built- in AI let you integrate with many app.

  • iPaaS
    Number of Flows


    To implement 5 integration scenarios for 20 apps, you need to create 100 different flows in iPaaS

      Number of Integration Scenarios
    Number of external apps112510
    Number of Flows

    To implement 5 scenarios for 20 apps, you need to create just 5 universal flows in

      Number of Integration Scenarios
    Number of external apps112510

More flexible than unified API

We offer you unified API, but with us it's just a starting point. You can:

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    Edit our unified models.

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    Create your own.

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    Tune them for each of your customers.

Unlike Unified APIs, you are not stuck. when Unified API does not work for you 100%.

Flexible Integration

Your app

Flexible Integration
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    No black boxes

    You can view and edit every piece of integration logic in our platform: connectors, flows and their steps, field mappings, etc.

    Everything is available as source code or yaml.

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    No vendor lock

    Integrations built with us are fully portable if you decide to leave. You can export all of your integration logic, connectors, customer configurations, credentials, etc.

    Besides, you can run the whole thing on your infrastructure.

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    API for everything

    We have the most extensive API out of all integration tools out there. You do literally anything in the product via API.

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    Built for the age of Al

    LLMs are great at solving tedious parts of building integrations: creating field mappings, constructing API requests, sifting through documentation to get answers. We infused every piece of our product with targeted Al co-pilots that save you up to 90% of time building and managing integrations.

Best support on the market

Building integrations is a tricky process as the tiniest details can change or break an implementation. Our integration experts have built hundreds of integrations are equipped to offer their immediate support whenever you need. That is why we consistently rank for Best Support on G2 in our category.

In sync with your application

Keep your integrations in your application repository. Manage your development, staging, and production environments, run automated tests - integrations should be a part of your application development cycle

Your app

Synchronized Integrations

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