Free 30-day Trial

Build a working prototype of your integration for free - we will help. When you know that it works for you, choose pricing that fits your business model.

After trial you can choose one of the 2 pricing models: Pay per Integration or Pay per Active Customer

Pay per Integration

  • Fixed price per integration per month
  • Unlimited customers and users
  • Unlimited API calls
  • Slack and Email support
  • Cloud or on-prem deployment

For companies that wish to build integrations 1-by-1 and prefer a flat fee cost-structure.

Pay per Active Customer

  • Fixed platform fee
  • Fixed price per active customer per month
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Unlimited API calls
  • Slack and Email support
  • Cloud or on-prem deployment

For companies that wish to add multiple integrations inside of their products, this plan scales with the number of customers that use integrations in production - without additional cost per integration.

🦄 Startup Discounts

Only starting out and can't afford our base pricing?

We offer discounts to startups with <$1M funding.


Integration is one external application you want your customers to integrate with.
I.e. Salesforce is one integration, Github is one integration, etc.
On per-integration plan, we do not charge for any additional usage within the integration.

"Customer" is a person or organization you associate integratios with. It is up to you which entities you want to associate integrations with.
"Active Customer" is a customer that connected at least one integration and used it for 30+ days.
When there was no usage (API requests through connection) for 30+ days - we stop counting them as an active customer.

It depends on your use case and features you want to be enabled. We will ask you a few questions and create a quote for you at any point in your free trial.

Yes, we offer the option to deploy integrations on your premises. Contact our team for more information on the process and pricing tailor our pricing to specific customer needs.

Both plans have the option to build custom connectors by request. We can add a new within 48 hours. You have to option to build a specific connector via our tooling or our team can build it for you

Both plans support active help on building integrations via our Shared Slack Channel (personalised guides, pair programming) with our customer support team.