Free PoC

Get full access to our product and support, build a working prototype of your integration, check off your checkboxes, and decide if you want to subscribe.

Predictable Scale-based Pricing

No unpredictable usage fees, no out of control price growth. Our pricing is based on how much it costs you to build and maintain integrations yourself and scales accordingly.

Subscription Advantages

It starts with a flat monthly subscription fee that depends on the scale of your integration infrastructure: the size of your team, features you need, number and complexity of your integrations. It grows proportionally to the number of your customers who use integrations. The incremental price per customer goes down to zero with volume.

We guarantee that it is cheaper than building it yourself and scales better than any alternative. Talk to us to understand pricing variables and ranges.


Startup Discounts

Only starting out and can't afford our base pricing?

We offer discounts to startups with <$1M funding.


  • When your price depends on the number of customers, each customer could be an individual user or organization depending on how your application works.

    We count entities you associate integrations with as "Customers".

    You decide to which entity (organization, team, individual) you associate integrations with.

  • We provide real-time support via shared Slack, MS Teams, or Discord channel.

    We effectively become a part of your integration team.

    We help with everything from implementing your integration logic and UI to figuring out how integrations with apps you never used should work.

  • We provide recommendations, advice, and code templates for implementing integrations.

    If you need actual implementation to be done, we have a pool of trusted implementation partners and can manage your implementation end to end.

  • Yes, we offer the option to deploy integrations on your premises.

    Contact our team for more information on the process and pricing options.

  • Besides offering a powerful connector builder tool, we have a pool of implementation partners who can build a new connector for you for a small fee ($300-$1000, depending on complexity).