Integrating with MsDynamics is painful, but no more for Trumpet..


  • Quickly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and display UI to users
  • Search by partial match for all supported objects.
  • Notes with association with opportunities (and other supported objects) in Dynamics


  • Sam, the Head of Engineering built the prototype ready in 1 week
  • Trumpet managed to close new customers that were dependant on the MS Dynamics CRM integrations

Company Overview:

Founded: 2021

Industry: SaaS

Number of employees: 20

Location: London, UK


Trumpet integrations
  • Trumpet centralises your buyer journeys and close deals faster with a digital sales room for interactive and collaborative spaces.
  • Imagine one space where you can centralise marketing content, video recordings, demo recordings, mutual action plans, proposals, forms/surveys, e-signature & more.
  • Move your prospect along the buyer journey from outreach to post-demo, to proposal and then deal close. All within one centralised space.


Trumpet CRM integrations

Trumpet connects with CRM's to make their customers lives easier, by enriching data and sending engagement analytics and deal signals back to the CRM it provides valuable insight into the progress of a deal.

When they came to us, they a number of customers who wanted to use Trumpet but they couldn’t due them not having a MsDynamics CRM integration.

The first instinct was to research the MsDynamics API, which is naturally a difficult API to digest and understand how to operate API calls with. It took their team a few days to try to track the right route and when they realised how time-consuming it is they started to look for a 3rd party option.

Their Head of Engineering, Sam first looked looked at a few solutions: Apideck,, Supaglue but none of them worked in the way they wanted:

  • Every customer info pull had to be manually pulled out of the platform (not programmatically)
  • It was difficult to handle custom fields, unless you go via passthrough API


When we spoke with Sam, we guided him through our personalised guided onboarding process and made sure he could implement the MsDynamics integration in one-go:

  • SDK was very easy & convenient to plug it in
  • Fastest way out of all platforms to reach deal data in CRMs
  • Supportive throughout the process slack 24/7 support

Features powered by

Trumpet used’s out of the box UI for creating a connection UI that is displayed to the user the first time they wish to connect their Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics to CRM

Once the user enters their login credentials they can then import Deal data from their MsDynamics CRM and create a new or update a Pod with the relevant fields (Value, Team, Company).

Trumpet CRM Pods

Trumpetusers will now see in their CRM now all updates from their Pods with Notes (e.g. when the Pod was created, opened or any engagement) and the Contacts associated with that deal.

CRM to contacts

For a full video walkthrough of how the integration works, check out the full guide by Sam @ Trumpet:

What are the benefits for Trumpet?

Besides building the Dynamics integration, Trumpet already got a lot of value:

  • Converted new customers due to the MsDynamics integration supported, increasing their Q1 ‘24 revenue pipeline
  • Decreased time to market for any new integration release having implemented the infrastructure

What’s next?

Trumpet is one of the fastest-growing startups in the Sales stack space. Seeing how it easy it was to create an integration using they are looking to expand their next integrations, starting with Microsoft Sharepoint and a few others!

We’re excited to work more with their team as they expand their integration’s use cases

Check out their G2 Review here:

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