Scale your integration ecosystem. For free.

You need partners who drive revenue. We bring them to you.

We have a fast-growing pool of SaaS apps using our platform. Many of them want to integrate with you. We make it happen.

Ecosystem PartnershipEcosystem Partnership

We also handle your inbound partners who need help integrating with you and convert them into high-value well-prepared partners.

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    Growing on autopilot

    After the initial kick-off, we do all the work - from finding partners to publishing integrations.

    You just sit back and see your integration ecosystem grow.

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    Pre-screening and preparing

    We act as a first line filter and support for your potential partners.

    We help them figure out how they want to integrate with you (aligned to your guidelines) and we keep supporting them throughout their journey, saving you a lot of valuable time.

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    Lightning fast implementation

    We maintain a pre-built integration connector and end-to-end integration scenarios for your app.

    It takes your partners just a few hours to implement a fully working integration.

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    One-click installation

    No more long integration guides and obscure sign up processes.

    Your customers can activate apps from your marketplace in a few clicks.

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    Direct relationship

    You have direct relationship with the onboarded partners.

    They sign to your partnership program terms.

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    Direct integrations

    Neither your customers nor your partner customers know we exist.

    They work with integrations from inside your apps.

How it works

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    We agree on the criteria for high-value and well-prepared partners you want to get.

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    We align on the process of onboarding new partners (registering them in your systems, providing access, etc).

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    We launch our partnership with optional co-marketing.

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    We start sending our existing and new customers who want to integrate with you your way.

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    You start sending your potential partners who need help our way. We prepare them and send them your way.

What is required from you

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    Agree on rules of engagement

    (process for creating accounts for potential partners, criteria for pre-screening, etc).

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    Mention us

    to your potential partners who need help.

  • That's it. Nothing else.

    It's free and no strings attached. We get our value by helping your partners with integrations.

Become an Ecosystem Partner