Product Updates & New integrations | Dec 2023 grows and changes every day to build great customer experiences. Welcome to the edition of our changelog at!

We're excited to share some significant updates and new features that have been rolled out. Our team has been hard at work improving existing connectors and adding new functionalities to provide you with a seamless integration experience. Here's a roundup of what's new:

Product Updates:

Universal Actions

Universal Actions simplifies complex customer-facing integrations, allowing you to create a single action that adapts across multiple applications and customer setups. Now, tasks like recording activities to a CRM become streamlined, saving you time and eliminating the need for extensive custom coding.

“For Each” Flow Node

The new "For Each" node in the flow builder is a fascinating development, enabling more complex, iterative workflow processes. This, along with the new UI for testing actions and the ability to customize pre-built integration logic, shows a focus on flexibility and efficiency in building and testing integrations. Enables more advanced flows beyond just linear steps.

for-each node

New UI for testing actions in the console. Allows quick building, testing and iterating on integration logic and actions. Helps build and test faster without having to go back and forth between testing and editing.

Customizing Integration Logic

Ability to customize pre-built integration logic using implementation overrides. For example, you can now filter Pipedrive activities by adding custom query parameters. It allows customizing default logic without rebuilding from scratch.

Customizing Integration Logic

Connector Updates

TeamLeader Connector Enhancements

We’ve added new data collections to the Teamleader as well as mapped them to existing UDM, so you can now build universal integration elements with ease:


New Calendly Connector

Calendly connector enables notifications, data collections, and mapping for Calendly event and user data

  • Added Invitees and Users: Our Calendly connector now supports data collections, making it easier to manage your appointments and client interactions.

  • UDM Mappings: We've added UDM mapping for events and users so you can now build universal flows with them

    Calendly connector

New Quickbooks Connector

Data collection capabilities allow for more comprehensive financial data integration.

CleanShot 2023-12-23 at 15.41.30.gif

Stripe Connector Upgrades

Similar to other connectors, Stripe now has event handling and UDM mappings for data consistency and handling.

Stripe connector

Google Drive (GDrive) Connector Additions

  • Files and Folders Collections: Users can now list and download files from GDrive as well as subscribe to file updates or be notified about new ones.
  • File Download Capability: Added functionality to download files directly, further improving the utility of the GDrive connector.

Released Gmail connector

List Emails: This feature likely allows users to view and manage their emails within Gmail. It could provide a streamlined way to see a list of emails, possibly with filters or search capabilities to quickly find specific messages.

Get Notifications About New Emails: This functionality would enable users to receive alerts or notifications when new emails arrive in their Gmail inbox. This could be particularly useful for staying on top of important communications and ensuring timely responses.

Send Emails: This feature would allow users to compose and send emails directly through the Gmail connector interface. It might offer additional tools or integrations that enhance the standard email-sending experience in Gmail, such as templates, scheduling options, or integration with other applications.

Gmail connector

Released Outlook connector

You can now use pre-build Collections of emails, calendar events, and contacts to build your integration logic using Outlook. This includes but not limited to:

List Emails: Now you can use Emails data collection to get the list of all customer emails.

Get Notifications About New Emails: Emails data collection now supports close to live updates about new incoming events. You can now build flows that react on incoming email

Released Slack connector

New data collections for slack messages and channels was release. Now you can build integrations that read/write channel message as well as receive events about incoming ones

  • Implemented custom-pull events subscriptions for the "messages" collection
  • Added support for an automatic token refresh (for the apps that have the token rotation enabled)

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to provide the best integration solutions. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we encourage you to share your experiences and suggestions. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements in the future!

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