Universal Actions

Introducing Universal Actions to make complex customer-facing integrations simple 🥳!

Building integrations across multiple apps and customers is tough. Even something as simple as “recording activity to CRM” can become complex when you consider:

  • The Basic Scenario: Record an Activity and link it with a Contact.
  • App-Specific Details: Each app does it differently, like setting a “ContactId” field in Salesforce or creating a contact-activity association in Hubspot.
  • Customer-Specific Needs: Every customer has their own way of structuring activities and organizing contacts.

Normally, this would take weeks to implement well...

But now, with our new Universal Action feature, it's straightforward. Here’s how it transforms the process:

Universal Actions
  1. Create a Universal Action: Set up a general scenario that works across multiple apps.
  2. Apply it to multiple applications: Use the universal action to generate application-specific logic for every app you want to integrate with.
  3. Customize customer instances: Adjust the Action for each customer’s unique setup.

Say goodbye to writing endless "IF" statements and the headache of troubleshooting custom integrations for those extra-creative customers.

Try Universal Actions Today:

Eager to see Universal Actions in action (pun intended)? Sign up for a free trial and start building customer-facing integrations in a new way.

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